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Helping the over-sixties grow and maintain a healthy retirement

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Feel secure knowing you have the right Medicare coverage

Figuring out the way forward for your medical insurance as you move toward retirement can be stressful. The pathway to suitable coverage can be confusing, from countless opinions to unhelpful advice.

As a unique, fee-based medical insurance counselor, we point you in the right direction for your circumstances. Using more than 40 years of experience, we help you to understand the benefits, rules, and functionalities of Medicare for your peace of mind.

Our Values

Our commitment and values are primarily to our clients. We're not a commission-based model, and we don't have any biases toward the insurance that's best suited to you.

Instead, our fee-based model assures you that whatever advice we give, it's with your best interests and personal requirements in mind. Our values include the following:

  • Providing excellence in client advice and guidance

  • Offering unbiased support based on more than four decades of industry experience

  • Delivering peace of mind to our clients with complete clarity

Patricia Mione

Since 1997, I’ve been firmly involved in the world of medical insurance from a wide range of perspectives. Having started as a specialist in employee benefits and retirement planning, I use my extensive knowledge and unique approach to support clients in making the right choices for them.

The name ‘The Apical Meristem Company’ came from that commitment to my customers when my daughter described the integral part of a plant that allows it to grow and flourish. That's what I do – I give my clients the confidence, security, and foundation to enjoy their retirement to the fullest.

My comprehensive background means I have full coverage and knowledge of even the most complex cases. You can rely on me to understand your position, know the rules, and guide you toward a stress-free retirement with all the coverage you need. Over more than four decades in and around the insurance industry, I've developed a strong understanding of the concerns and requirements my clients have, allowing me to give them the individual comfort, safety, and stress-free retirement they've been working towards.

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